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Loudoun County

Covid Regulations

The following rules will be in effect for all youth baseball tournaments held in Loudoun County until further notice.

1) Stay home if you are sick. All coaches/players/umpires/tournament staff must complete and document a daily health check before entering the field areas. Coaches should note in scorebook “Daily Health Check Completed” in their scorebook on the page of their first game each day. Teams may be asked to show health check documentation to County staff.

2) All team players and coaches WILL wear a mask while inside of the dugout as well as practice social distancing at all times. Any player or coach not wearing a mask must remain outside the dugout and shall social distance at all times without exception. Base-coaches must wear a mask when their base is occupied or when speaking to a player or umpire.

3) Bleachers from the dugouts to home plate area are for players only. Teams should utilize the bleachers, the dugout, and bullpen areas to maximize space to allow social distancing. Cameras are permitted to be hung on the backstops.

4) All players while on offense must wear a mask EXCEPT for the current batter, the on-deck batter and runners on base.

5) Teams will not share baseballs. Defensive teams will pitch their own set of baseballs.

- The Longhorn will still be providing baseballs 

6) Players while on defense may choose to wear a mask but it is not required.

7) Coaches are responsible for the social distancing of their spectators, fans, parents, and any personnel associated with their team. Social distancing is 6 feet when not playing or 10 feet while active. (Families may sit together)

8) Tents must be placed outside of the extended dugout areas. Tents and chairs are allowed and encouraged to be placed in the outfield areas outside the field of play to allow for greater social distancing.

9) Tents must be placed 10 feet apart. Only 1 family per tent.

10) Teams should remain outside the playing field area until the proceeding team has completely exited and cleaned up the dugout. The new teams should enter from the field side utilizing the outfield gates. The team whom just completed their game should exit the opposite gate towards the walkways.

11) Post-game team meetings are prohibited on park property. Immediately exit the park after your last game.

12) No post-game handshakes.

13) Team meals or game break gatherings should continue to utilize social distancing at all times.

Failure to follow the above rules may result in the removal of player, spectator or team from the facility.Continued disregard of the above rules may force Loudoun County Parks and Recreation to close the facility and cancel the field permit of the host for the remainder of the season.

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